(LiT #2-February, 1999)

The second issue of LOVE IN TIGHTS kicks off with a Greg Hyland cover and includes the following tales:

"The Real Julianne Love" by Randy Reynaldo.  Reynaldo's superspy Rob Haynes gets tangled up with a mysterious super-heroine.

"The Caped and the Cowled" by Jeff Wasson and Greg Beettam.  A superheroic soap opera, as the beginnings of a potentially powerful love triangle emerge.

"Made for Each Other" by Steve Conley.  Conley's Argosy Smith takes a break from ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS to drop by LiT as he meets a woman who may be a little too perfect...

"Facing Fears" by Stephen Geigen-Miller and Mike White. The first chapter in the charming ongoing serial of two star-crossed kid sidekicks and their budding hormones.

"Another Perfect Wedding" by Randy Lander and Steve Remen. A literal marriage between  good and evil in Paradise. A caterer's job doesn't get any 

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