LOVE IN TIGHTS, a quarterly comic book anthology published through Slave Labor Graphics, is an attempt to bridge the gap between two previously unrelated genres: superheroes comics and romance comics.  A showcase for many the comic industry's best and brightest independent creators, LiT provides fans of both "indy" books and fans of superhero books a place to meet on common ground.

What is Love in Tights?  Basically, it's an anthology of heroic hormones and muscle-bound mashing.  It's a place for today's most talented creators (be they veterans or newcomers) to scratch that superhero itch (with a romantic twist, natch).  LOVE IN TIGHTS: It's a comic book for everyone.  Trust us.

This site provides complete information on past and future issues of LOVE IN TIGHTS as well as biographies of the many talented LiT creators, complete with handy internet links to their own personal websites and email addresses.

Watch for the solicitation in the Previews catalog from Diamond Distributors. For more information contact SLG Publishing (toll free!) at #1-800-866-8929, or e-mail J. Torres at

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