ROB ARMSTRONG illustrated the Johnny Bionic story in LiT 3, and is currently working up more adventures for the fifties-era cyborg with his partner in crime, writer John Dranski. For the lowdown on the work of these two, head to the Carpe Canum site:
Though GREG BEETTAM and STEPHEN GEIGEN-MILLER are featured in different stories in LOVE IN TIGHTS (Greg wrote the Sidekicks saga in LiT 2 & 3, while Stephen, along with Jeff Wasson, wrote and illustrated "The Caped & The Cowled" in LiT 2), together they form Cupotea Studios, and are the creators of XENO'S ARROW. XENO'S ARROW is centered on a young alien boy and hisescape from an intergalactic zoo. Greg and Stephen co-write the book, and Greg provides the artwork. Visit their web site at:
BRIAN CLOPPER is the creator of BOMBASTIC, and MARSHALL: GODLING OF WAR, which is now available from Avatar Comics. For information on this all ages tale of the future god of war, please head to
STEVE CONLEY appears all over the net, as well as in the pages of his own ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS, starring Argosy Smith (from Day One Comics). Each issue features painted cover art by notable talents (Drew Struzan, the Hildebrandt Bros., Jim Steranko), and a healthy does of science fiction fun. Argosy appeared in LiT 2 in the story "Made for Each Other." Check out Steve's astounding ASTOUNDING SPACE THRILLS web site at:
RICK CORTES is a visual effects artist and designer as well as an illustrator living and working in Burbank CA. He's worked on such television shows as Home Improvement, Power Rangers, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and countless others as well as feature films such as Simon Birch and the upcoming The House on Haunted Hill.  Rick drew "Fast Girl" in LiT 1. Troll by his website:
JOHN DRANSKI co-created Johnny Bionic and wrote his debut story in LiT 3. For more on John's work with artist Rob Armstrong, visit the Carpe Canum website: And, yes, that's "Seize the Dog" in Latin.
JOHN GALLAGHER and his Buzzboy appeared in "Kiss of the Spider(Like) Woman" in LiT 3.  For a thorough tour of the Buzzboy universe (including info on past and upcoming BUZZBOY books), head to
CAYETANO GARZA, LiTís first website manager and the creator of LiT 1's Roy Lichtenstein-inspired cover is the creator of the George Herriman-influenced Magic Inkwell comic strip. For full info on Cat's work, and a highly entertaining internet experience, head to his site at:
JOHN KOVALIC's gentle spoof of gamers and comic collectors first appeared in LiT 1 (and will appear again!). For a full dose of John Kovalicís popular DORK TOWER, individual issues or six issue subscriptions can be ordered through Pegasus Games (608-833-GAMES). For updates drop by the Dork Central website at:
RANDY LANDER is a freelance writer and web designer who made his debut in LiT 2 with "Another Perfect Wedding." Randy has been publishing his comic criticism on the Internet for several years now, and he has recently taken the position of editor-in-chief for an emerging comic related website...more details to come, no doubt.
FRANCIS MANAPUL, FRANCIS MANAPUL, a teenage wonder from Toronto, contributed the pencils for "While You Were Sleeping" in LiT 1.  Francis is the new penciler on Image's MONSTER FIGHTERS, INC. (written by LiT's J. Torres), and is currently developing a project for Matt Hawkins (of LADY PENDRAGON fame).
B. CLAY MOORE does most of the dirty work for Love in Tights, including writing blurbs like this one. He's a freelance writer, editor, struggling cartoonist and all around creative genius. Reach me...I mean
TAKESHI MIYAZAWA TAKESHI MIYAZAWA (another Canadian) crafted "Crash Course" in LiT 1, and has received an amazing amount of positive feedback for his beautiful manga-influenced artwork. Takeshi is currently developing a book with J. Torres, featuring a character from "Crash Course." 
STEVE REMEN is the creator of HIM, which appears as a backup feature in Greg Hyland's LETHARGIC LAD. Steve has also worked as a story board artist on animation projects ranging from The Tick to Pippi Longstockings. For more info on Him, drop by the Lethargic website:
Xeric Foundation award winner and Russ Manning Award nominee RANDY REYNALDO is the creator, writer and artist of ADVENTURE STRIP DIGEST (starring Rob Hanes). Visit this throwback to the days of classic adventure comic strips at the Rob Hanes web site: Randy contributed "The Real Julianne Love" in LiT 2.
JIMMIE ROBINSON, creator of Evil & Malice (available now from Image), and AMANDA & GUNN (also from Image), crafted an E&M story in LiT 3 entitled "The Boy is Mine." Head to Jimmie's Evil & Malice site:
ROB ROSS, a talented Canadian newcomer, inked "While You Were Sleeping" in LiT 1, over the pencils of Francis Manapul.
The cover to LiT 2 was produced by none other than acclaimed LETHARGIC LAD creator GREG HYLAND. Information on the full body of Greg's work can be found on the Internet at:
MARK STEGBAUER is an accomplished inker, having worked for DC and Marvel and countless other companies. Mark inked "Fast Girl" in LiT 1, and is writing and inking a story for an upcoming issue of LOVE IN TIGHTS, featuring his creation, DR. GOYLE. For info on DR. GOYLE, head to Arrow Comics' website at:
JUSTIN STEINER wrote "Fast Girl" in LiT 1, and is contributing several upcoming scripts. A freelance writer from Valparaiso, Indiana, Justin can be reached at
J. TORRES, editor, contributing writer, and brainchild behind LOVE IN TIGHTS, also created MONSTER FIGHTERS, INC., currently available from Image Comics (head to for full details). MONSTER FIGHTERS follows last year's three-issue Image miniseries, SIREN. Copies of J's initial series, THE COPYBOOK TALES, (as well as copies of LOVE IN TIGHTS) can be ordered from Slave Labor's 800 number: 800-866-82289. For info on lots of Slave Labor/Amaze Ink books, drop by the company web site at: Tell 'em who sent you!
DON VAN HORN, is the web designer for the LiT site as well as the MONSTER FIGHTERS, INC. web site ( He is a computer draftsperson working for FASCO MOTORS and creates web sites and does graphic design in his spare time. He's also very proud of his art collection that can be seen at Don's Place ( where he's, what else, the webmaster.
JEFF WASSON's credits include the 25-issue minicomic DRESSED FOR SUCCESS, inks on SLG's THE COPYBOOK TALES, as well as inks on Image's SIREN, the latter two projects written by LiT editor J. Torres and penciled by Tim Levins.  Along with Stephen Geigen-Miller, Jeff wrote and illustrated "The Caped & The Cowled" in LiT 2, and created the cover to LiT 3 (with color by Zee Risek).
ANDI WATSON, creator of SKELETON KEY (from Slave Labor), GEISHA (Oni Press) and writer of Dark Horse's BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER, contributed "Family Ties" in LiT 3, and will be taking over the covers for LiT beginning with the fourth issue in October. Link to Slave Labor's site ( for more info on SKELETON KEY.
MIKE WHITE, who illustrated the Sidekicks stories in LiT 2 and 3 (so far), contributes the charming Li'l Lethargic Lad to LETHARGIC LAD.  Drop by Mike's Sleepyhead comics site:
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