LOVE IN TIGHTS #1 (November, 1998)

LOVE IN TIGHTS #1 sports a Roy Lichtenstein inspired cover by Cayetano Garza and features the following tales:

"While You Were Sleeping" by J. Torres, Francis Manapul & Rob Ross.  A tale of heroic obsession and the consequence of daydreaming.

"Crash Course" by Takeshi Miyazawa. A manga-style tale from an extremely talented newcomer, featuring young lovers in danger...which provides a nice opportunity for a heroioc trial run...

"Dork Tower" by John Kovalics. Before it was a hit with gamers across the world, John Kovalic's Dork Tower graced the pages of Love in Tights (and will again!).

"Fatal Hesitation" by J. Torres, B. Clay Moore & Brian Clopper. The first rule for sidekicks: Hesitation can be fatal. Of course, how and where may surprise you. 

"Cosmic Carrot" by Cayetano Garza. The melancholy misadventures of our lupine hero.

"Fast Girl" by Justin Steiner, Rick Cortes and Mark Stegbauer. She's a superhero, speeding toward a date with destiny...the question is: will she or won't she?

Also included are a Charle Atlas spoof and "heroic personals" by B. Clay Moore

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