(LiT #3-June, 1999)

The third issue of LOVE IN TIGHTS features a Jeff Wasson cover (colored by Zee Risek) and includes:

"Family Ties" by Andi Watson. A slightly dysfunctional (if oddly familiar) family welcomes a potential newcomer to the fold.

"Kiss of the Spider-Like Woman" by John Gallagher. Gallagher's Buzzboy has two things on his mind: Stopping the crime spree of Lady Araknid and getting her to go out with him. 

"The Boy is Mine" by Jimmie Robinson. Robinson's Evil & Malice take time out from their own Image book to battle over a boy in the pages of Love in Tights.

"Johnny Bionic" by John Dranski and Rob Armstrong. Meet Johnny Bionic, a 50's era James Dean worshipping...cyborg. 

"Overcoming Obstacles" by Stephen Geigen-Miller and Mike White. Part two of the sidekicks saga. Kid Viking and Plucky the Wonder Lad get closer to that inevitable first date...providing they can survive the advice of their mentors. 

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