Love In Tights Introduction

"While You Were Sleeping"
Written by J.Torres
Penciled by Francis Manapul
Inked by Rob Ross
Different people have different romantic obsessions. Rosie O'Donnell has Tom Cruise. Charlie Brown has the Little Red-Haired Girl. Kitty Pryde has Colossus- Kate is obsessed with Superstar. She's even daydreamed of putting herself in mortal danger hoping that he would swoop down out of the sky and rescue her like Lois Lane. Well, you know what they say about being careful of what you wish for...

"Crash Course"
By Takeshi Miyazawa
Her name is Terry. She's a cute, diminutive figure keeping a pretty big secret from her boyfriend, Shap, for almost a year now. She doesn't have a codename or a costume or a sidekick but she's got the power. And designs on maybe - just maybe - going primetime with the superhero thing one of these days. For now, however, she's more concerned about figuring out what to buy Shap for his birthday.

"Another Perfect Wedding"
Written by Randy Lander
Illustrated by Chris Chuckry
Harold Perfect is a successful wedding planner to the stars, and a celebrity in his own right. He's faced all sorts of challenges and yet has pulled off the most famous weddings in history. But insane ex-boyfriends, jealous ex-teammates, and other problems that come from arranging the reception and wedding ceremony of the world's most famous super-heroine to her former arch-nemesis on an Amazon island may be the end of Harold's distinguished career.

"La Vie En Noire"
Written by B. Clay Moore
Illustrated by Jeff Leblanc
Paris in 1940: a city on the knife edge of war. Enter a young hero, spearheading a wave of costumed operatives for the United States government, not yet officially involved in what would soon blossom into World War II. The sight of the Eiffel tower is head-spinning enough, but when a seductive Italian femme fatale shows an interest in our hero, he finds himself falling in love. And in this affair, the roses are black.

"Fatal Hesitation"
Written by B. Clay Moore
Illustrated by Brian Clopper
In the world of fighting crime, hesitation can be deadly. Sparrowhawk, world-renowned crime fighter, has been desperately trying to get that message across to Sparrow, his son and sidekick. But if the threat of getting killed on a mission doesn't get his son's attention, what will? Well, the prom is coming up, and a teenager has more important things to worry about than his father's nagging. Like getting a date.

"Fast Girl"
Written by Justin Steiner
Illustrated by Rick Cortes
Rush doesn't believe in wasting time, whether it's defeating criminals with her super-speed or in her relationships. In a matter of minutes, she must stop a bank heist and clean a messy apartment before she can put the finishing touches on a special night she has planned for her new boyfriend, a night that will prove she is indeed a "fast girl."

"Love You To Death"
By Jimmie Robinson
What happens when villains fall in love? Criminal mastermind, Black Eye, falls for the evil temptress, Cold Heart. It's a match made in heaven, until Black Eye's twin daughters Evelyn and Malinda ( Evil & Malice ) discover Cold Heart's true plans for their dad. Can the daughters convince dad of the dark secret Cold Heart holds for him? Evil & Malice must race the clock to save their dad from a fate worse than love. Will they be in time? Find out in this twist ending you have to see to believe.

"The Melancholic Misadventures of Cosmic Carrot"
By Cayetano Garza Jr.
Join our misfortunate protagonist as he battles a giant corn monster to save a beautiful young bunny girl from certain oblivion! Ours is a tale of joy, passion, rejection, and suspense. Is there no respite for the enamoured heart? See our hero face the greatest foe of all- LOVE!

"The Real Julianne Love"
By Randy Reynaldo
By day, Julianne Love is an insecure receptionist at Justice International, one of the most renowned and trusted private investigation and security agencies in the world; by day, she is a superhero known as Guardian Angel. Like most superheroes, she keeps each life separate from the other, but she runs into trouble when she discovers that the person she secretly loves - Rob Hanes, a young rising star detective at Justice International - has fallen in love with both of identities. Sent to Paris on assignment with Rob, Julianne must choose who will win Rob's love and decide who is "The Real Julianne Love!"

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