Love In Tights Introduction

This November, LOVE IN TIGHTS will take its rightful place beside Johnny the Homicidal Maniac and Milk & Cheese in SLG Publishing's heralded line of romantic comic books. As part if its dynamic expansion into the next millennium, SLG is pleased to announce this lovely new quarterly series, designed to seduce the innocent reader like no anthology has before. Honest!

What is LOVE IN TIGHTS? Stories about knockin' boots after a day of knockin' around the bad guys. Tales of lovers who happen to be crime-fighters. Love literally taking flight. Romance, drama, action (and we do mean action), plus more than a few laughs, brought to you by critically acclaimed alternative press favorites and some promising new talent. Titles like Astro City and Young Heroes In Love have brought you love stories involving superheroes, but no series has ever attempted to smoosh this much spandex and this much lovin' (not to mention this much comic book talent) into one romantic package.

LOVE IN TIGHTS is a 32-page black and white, quarterly comic book anthology retailing for $2.95 (US). LOVE IN TIGHTS #1 launches the series this November. Watch for the solicitation in the September Previews catalog from Diamond Distributors. For more information contact SLG Publishing (toll free!) at #1-800-866-8929, or e-mail J. Torres at

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