Love In Tights Gallery

Welcome to our online gallery! On this page, you can get an official "sneak peek" at some of the art and covers from the upcoming LOVE IN TIGHTS series. We'll be adding images to this as often as possible, so bookmark it and check back often!! Click on each of the images below to get a closer look at the wonderful work that makes LOVE IN TIGHTS so darned LOVEABLE!

Cayetano's "Lichtenstein rip-off" cover for LOVE IN TIGHTS #1

sneak peek at the fantabulous cover by Greg Hyland
for the LOVE IN TIGHTS Valentine's Day Special!

Malice and Evil from Jimmie Robinson's
"Love You to Death"

finished page from "Fatal Hesitation"
by Torres, Moore, Clopper

a couple panels from "Facing Fears"
by Mike White and Stephen Geigen-Miller

pencilled page by Francis Manapul from
"While You Were Sleeping" by Torres and Manapul

pencilled panel from Takeshi Miyazawa's
"Crash Course"

another pencilled panel from Takeshi Miyazawa's
"Crash Course"

Concept sketches for
Jason Asala's contribution

character sketches from "The Caped and Cowled"
Art: Jeff Wasson

character drawings from "Another Perfect Wedding"
by Randy Lander and Chris Chuckry

character sketch of Cosmic Carrot
from Cayetano Garza's
"The Melancholic Misadventures of Cosmic Carrot"

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